Girl #5 now "Mila" is at home with her owner, Hakim, in Irving, TX and is the queen at his office.

Fancy is Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a 4 point major to finish her bench championship at the Central Ohio KC under Mr. Kenneth McDermott.

Girl #2 now Oakley is in her new home in Studio City, CA with her new owner Adrienne and whippet housemate Cassidy.

Boy #3 Stix is in his new home in MA, with his new owners, Barb, Sharon and whippet housemate, Callie (a Cory daughter)

Girl #6 Torrey, Wildwood's Torrey Pines (Staying at Wildwood) wins a Puppy Group 4 in Columbus, Ohio puppy match at almost 4 months.

Phoebe is Best of Breed at the AKC Lure Trial in Crown Point, IN. for 5 pts.

Fancy is Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the Greater Muskogen Kennel Club show in Grand Rapids, MI under Dr. Daniel Dowling.

Phoebe is Best In Field at the ASFA Trial in Columbia, Kentucky

10/11/08 & 10/12/08
Fabulous Fall Days for coursing in Rockwood, MI on Saturday Phoebe was 2nd and Skol 3rd in the Field Champion stake, at the end of the day Ace and the puppies had a chance at the lure and they were adorable!  On Sunday Phoebe was 1st in Field Champs and Best of Breed, Skol was 2nd today.  Puppy Max came today for a little lure introduction and now he is hooked.....

Boy 4 now "Max" went to his new home with Amy, David, Zach and Ruby (the Whippet) in Washington, MI.

Girl 1 now "Cadie" went to home with Kathy Rasmussen to Kansas as her pick puppy.

In Caledonia, WI Phoebe earns her first LCM in just 11 months of coursing.

Boy 1 now "Ari" went to his new home with Kristi in South Dakota.

Girl 3, "Pepper" now lives in Kansas with Pat.

Girl #4 now Gal found her new home with Taylor in Texas.

Boy 2 now 'Fletcher' is home with Dione in Oklahoma

Phoebe is Best In Field again in Oberlin, OH ASFA Lure Coursing.

Phoebe is again Best In Field at the AKC Lure Trial in Manchester, MI.  How Fabulous!!!

Phoebe is Best In Field at the AKC Lure Trial in Manchester, MI.

AWC Midwest Specialty in Canfield, OH, Fancy places 3rd in the large Bred By class, and Skol makes the final cut in Best of Breed under Ms. Sharon Sakson.

Fancy is Winners Bitch for 2 points in Marshall, MI under Dr. Edna K. Martin

Check out our new litter

Boy 2 "Deuce" goes home to Georgia with Shirley and Jake

A little warmer today but none the less lovely in horse country.  Woody finished 3rd in Fch, Skol 4th FCh, Phoebe NBQ FCh.

Beautiful summer day for ASFA coursing in Metamora, MI
Ajaax finishes 3rd in Open and Woody 4th in Fch.  Wonderful potluck and auction after the trial.

The American whippet Club ASFA specialty in Metamora, MI.  Skol wins BOB, Phoebe 3rd in Field Ch. and Sassy NBQ

Girl #2 now "Gracie" went to her new home in Ann Arbor, MI with Caren and Joe who also own Phoebe

Coursing in Leesburg, VA at the ASFA International Invitational, Skol placed 3rd, Woody 4th, and Phoebe NBQ.  Beautiful weather, Good Friends, and Fun!!!

Girl #1 now "Lily" went to her new home in North Carolina with Pam and her full brother "Tiger".  She is shown here with daughter Kelly who drove to VA to pick her up.

Boy #3 now "Clyde" went to his new home Macomb, MI with Allison and Doug and their two boys.

Boy #4 now "Murphy" went to his new home in Birmingham, MI with Jennifer and his older full brother "Morgan"

Boy #5 now "Riley" went to his new home in Sterling Heights, MI with Vicki & big dog "Koby".  He is learning to be a boating, swimming companion.

Boy #6 now "Chase" went to his new home Kalamazoo, MI with Carrie and Shawn who also own Zoe.

Kalamazoo Kennel Club, Fancy is Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best Bred By Exhibitor for a 5 point major win under Ms. Majorie Martorella, Skol is Best of Opposite Sex as a move up.

Grand Rapids Kennel Club, Skol is Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex, Best Bred By Exhibitor under Ms. Pluis Davern and Best Bred By Exhibitor Group 1 under Mr. Frank Sabella.  This was a 5 point major win which finished Skol's Breed Championship and he is now an AKC Dual Champion!

Holland Michigan KC, Skol is Best Bred By Exhibitor and Best Bred By Exhibitor Group 3 under Mrs. Carol Spritzer.

Mother's Day lure coursing with MGA at Lake Erie Metro Park.....RAIN ALL DAY!  Cali finishes 1st in Open, Fancy tied for 2nd in Open and finished 3rd after her run off, Skol tied for 1st in Field Ch. finished 2nd after his run-off, Woody was 3rd, Phoebe was NBQ and Sassy ran for her first time since the pups and enjoyed herself.

Cory and Lady celebrate their 13th Birthday, sirloin steak, carrot cake & vanilla ice cream!

Lovely day for running, Skol finishes second again in Fairborn, Ohio at OKIGO's AKC lure trial finishing his AKC Field Championship.  Ribbon placed 4th.  Phoebe finished 4th in Field Champions

The day started wet, with Whippets running in the rain, the weather cleared for the afternoon but windy, Skol finished 2nd in Fairborn, Ohio at OKIGO's AKC lure trial.  Phoebe finished 4th in Field Champions.  Puppies went on their first road trip and had a great time meeting people and showing off their speed (chasing after the old folks)

Phoebe is Best of Breed in Oberlin, OH at LARK's ASFA lure trial, no BIF offered

Phoebe is Best In Field at LARK's first all breed ASFA lure trial in Oberlin, Ohio.

AKC coursing in Manchester, MI, same lovely field, colder with snow today and mud.  Arnie, Phoebe & Ribbon tie for first.  Phoebe wins 1st and BOB, Arnie is 2nd, Ribbon third.  Phoebe runs BIF with a Pharoah and a Ridgeback, Phoebe is BEST IN FIELD for a 5 pt major finishing her AKC Field Championship!  Way to go Phoebe!!!

First time out this year for AKC coursing in Manchester, MI, beautiful rolling field, cold, wet and muddy.  Skol is BOB for a 3 pt major, Phoebe is 2nd, Fancy 3rd.  Skol runs for BIF with a Borzoi and Deerhound.  The Deerhound is BIF.

Ribbon is Best of Breed at the Saginaw Valley KC show under Ms. Keke Kahn.

Ribbon is Best of Opposite Sex at the Saginaw Valley KC show under Mr. George Heitzman.

Phoebe wins the Field Champion stake at the OKIGO ASFA field trial in Ohio

Sassy whelps her litter of puppies by Cory
8 Puppies - 6 males, 2 females
See Litters page for more information

Fancy is WB, BOW, Best Bred-by and Ribbon is Best of Breed at the Detroit Kennel Club show under Mr. Eric White.  Fancy is also 3rd in the Bred By Group under Ms Patricia Anne Keenan.

Fancy is RWB and Ribbon is Best of Breed at the Detroit Kennel Club show under Mr. Roger Hartinger



Skol is Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best Bred By at the Medina KC, AWC Supported under Mrs. Shelley Hennessy, a major win!  And also a Bred By Group 3 under Mrs. Majorie Martorella

Skol is Winners Dog & Best of Winners at the Agathan KC show in Tallmadge, OH under Mr. Edward McNamee.

Skol is Winners Dog & Best of Winners at the Agathon Kennel Club show in Tallmadge, OH under Mr. William Sahlhoff.

11/10/07 & 11/11/07
Cloudy and cool for AKC coursing in Crown Point, IN. On Saturday Phoebe wins the Open stake of 22 whippets for a 5 point major, Ribbon is 4th. Ribbon is 2nd in the Open stake of 19 on Sunday for 3 points and Phoebe ties for 3rd place and after two run-offs finished 4th.

Phoebe wins Open and BOB in Crown Point, IN to finish her ASFA Field Championship.

10/20/07 & 10/21/07

Perfect weather for the AKC coursing trials in Mt. Gilead, OH. Saturday Skol finished in 1st place in Open for a 5pt major (we chose not to run for BOB) and Woody was 5th. On Sunday Skol and Woody tied for 2nd place which makes Woody a AKC Field Champion!! Cali, Fancy, Phoebe, and Sassy all had very nice runs this weekend with heavy competition. The club also held a costume contest where Phoebe won the funniest costume and Sassy won the prettiest.

Jake is Winners Dog at the Griffin Georgia KC show under Mr. Donald Jones.

Most of the day was sunny but cool and comfortable. Cali ran well again today, Fancy finished NBQ, Phoebe 4th, and Sassy 1st for 40 pts!  Sassy is now a new ASFA Field Champion! Skol moved up to the Field Champion stake and finished 4th, Woody was 2nd. Another fabulous weekend for the dogs and spending time with our friends.


It was a very chilly day for coursing with MGA at Lake Erie Metro Park, the course was 1100 yards.  Arnie, Cali, and Sassy had some very nice runs, Fancy finished NBQ, Phoebe 4th, Skol 1st in Open for 40 pts and NEW FIELD CHAMPION!  Ribbon had to be pulled after her first run and Woody finished 2nd in the Field Champion stake. 
Skol won BOB and drum roll..........BEST IN FIELD!!!!!!
Zoe came and practiced and Ajaax was certified today.

10/6/07 - 10/7/07
AKC National Lure Coursing Championship in Reidsville, North Carolina.  The trial was held at a beautiful horse farm on gently rolling fields.  Saturday started out misty and overcast and then warmed up.  Phoebe (owned by Caren & Jo Shoemaker),Ribbon, Woody (our qualified contention) ran well with Phoebe finishing 3rd, way to go Phoebe, Woody tied for 5th but did not win the run-off!!!.  Friends Elsa, Paul and their dog Maggie who live in NC came to experience their first lure trial.  On Sunday it started warm and just got hot!  Ribbon was tied for 1st after her second run and finished in 2nd place after the run-off, Woody placed 3rd.  What a great weekend for all!

ASFA Region 6 Invitational in Ravenna, OH,
Cali is 3rd, Sassy 2nd, and Skol 1st in the Open stake, Woody is 2nd in the Field Champion stake.  Skol wins Best of Breed in his 5th run of the day, he also had a beautiful run (his 6th) for BIF running with a Borzoi and Deerhound.  BIF was won by the Greyhound.

Another perfect day for AKC coursing in Manchester,MI.  Arnie finished his JC title this morning with a beautiful run. Fancy and Cali ran in the trial today and had very nice runs.  Skol finished in fourth, Ribbon in third, Woody second, Phoebe first and .........BEST IN FIELD!!! for a 5 pt major win.  News from Shirley and Jake in Atlanta, Jake is WD and BOW today in Chattanooga, TN under judge Mary Ann Alston for his first conformation points and then completed his first run towards his JC!  Way to go kids, I am so proud of all of you.

AKC lure coursing in Manchester, MI, cool breezy day on a lovely rolling field. Started the day by finishing Fancy's JC title and Arnie completed his first JC run. At the end of the day Phoebe (who lost a tooth running into a pully) and Cali had very nice runs, Sassy finished fourth, Skol third, Ribbon second, Woody first and..........BEST IN FIELD!!! for a 5 pt. major win.   Zoe practiced and ran the whole course!   News from Shirley and Jake in Atlanta, Jake was RWD today in Chattanooga, TN under judge Sandra Goose Allen.


A hot day for coursing in Fairborn, OH, no breezes today!  Skol and Phoebe earned their AKC JC title today, Fancy earned her first leg.  Another large entry today for the ASFA trial with two stakes of Open whippets and 18 Field Champions.  Ribbon ran with the Field Champions and finished 4th, Woody finished 3rd.  Phoebe ended up finishing in 4th place in her  Open stake after 3 tied run offs...this little girl ran a full course 6 times today she is one determined runner!

We went coursing in Fairborn, OH, OKIGO. Today it was warm but there was a very nice breeze all day.  Skol and Phoebe earned their first leg for their AKC JC title. There was a large entry of Open whippets allowing for two stakes and 40 points for 1st place, the entry for Field Champion whippets was 16/17. Woody was 3rd in Field Champions.  Sassy tied for NBQ (did not run off), Phoebe finished 4th, Ribbon finished 2nd, and Skol won his stake and also won the run off between stake winners we did not run for BOB.  RIBBON IS NOW ASFA FIELD CHAMPION!!! 

The second day of the trial started with severe thunderstorms, power outages, lighting struck one condo at the resort, then the weather cleared and we were able to start the trial around 10:30.  Today Cali finished in 4th, Skol was 3rd, Ribbon and Phoebe tied for 1st; after the runoff  Ribbon was 2nd and Phoebe 1st for her first points (way to go Phoebe very nice running for her first weekend out and a tough course to boot, Caren and Joe are so proud!).  Woody won the field champion stake, BOB, and.....drum roll.........BEST IN FIELD!!!!!!!! I am so proud of all these dogs:^)

We headed to northern Michigan for Michigan Gazehound Assoc's inaugural coursing event at Shanty Creek.  The course was set up on the "bunny" ski hill of the resort which made for a tough course up and down the hills; turf was mostly sand with crunchy grasses; temps in the 90's, spectacular views!  Phoebe tied for NBQ (no run off), Arnie finished in 4th place earning his first points, Ribbon finished 3rd, Sassy tied for 1st place and after the first runoff was still tied, due to the heat and toughness of the course I forfeited to the other dog and so Sassy finished 2nd.  Woody won the field Champion stake and won BOB, we chose not to run for Best in Field.  Ajaax, Zoe, and Fancy practiced they will be out competing soonI.  We then took the dogs to Torch Lake for a swim, Skol & Fancy swam like fish thoroughly enjoying the opportunity, Cali, Ribbon, Woody took a quick dip too as well as Phoebe, Arnie & Ajaax.

Battle Creek Kennel Club, Judge: Mr. Gary Doerge; Skol is Winners Dog & BOS

Holland Kennel Club, Judge: Ms. Marjorie Martorella; Skol is Winners Dog, Best of Winners & BOS, Fancy is Winners Bitch and Ribbon is Best Of Breed

Ann Arbor Kennel Club, Judge: Ms. Pluis Davern; Skol is Reserve Winners Dog

Another lovely day for coursing in Metamora, Today Ribbon won the Open Stake in a run off and Sassy tied for NBQ which we forfeited, Woody was Second in Field Champion Stake
For pictures from the weekend click HERE

Beautiful day for coursing with the MGA club in Metamora, Ribbon was 4th and Arnie (his first trial) was NBQ in Open, Woody won the Field Champion Stake.  Fancy, Skol & Phoebe were precerted and Ajaax & Zoe practiced.  We also celebrated the first birthday of Ajaax, Fancy, Skol, Phoebe, Zoe & Jake which is July 4th.

Skol is WD and Best Puppy under Mrs Murrel Purkhiser plus puppy Hound Group 1, Ribbon is BOB and Fancy was RWB at the Mt. Pleasant Kennel Club Show

5/26/07 - 5/27/07
AKC coursing in Ravenna, Ohio; Ribbon was 3rd on Saturday and BOB for a 3pt. major on Sunday earning her Senior Courser title!  Ribbon had a beautiful run for BIF with the Irish Wolfhound and Rhodesian Ridgeback, BIF was won by the Pharoah Hound.  Cali was fourth on Saturday and third on Sunday earning her Senior Courser title too this weekend.  Woody was second on Saturday and tied for fourth on on Sunday also finishing his Senior Courser title.

Genesse County KC Skol is Winners Dog and Best of Opposite under June Penta.

MGA Coursing at Lake Erie Metro Park, Ribbon finished third and Sassy fourth in Open, Woody was second in the Field Championship stake, Arnie was the finals test dog his first time seeing a lure and was amazing, he was certified at the end of the day.

Ajaax, Fancy, Phoebe, Skol and Zoe had a reunion day today (we missed Jake)!  It was fun to see the littermates together we had high hopes of practicing on the lure but due to equipment problems we were not able to do so. 

Today at the lure trial in Fairborn, Ohio the day started out very chilly warming up in the afternoon but windy.  Another large entry of Whippets allowing for two 5 point major wins.  Ribbon placed second in her flight today.  Julie, Cory's daughter, owned by Carola Beranek finished her Senior Coursing title today.

We went to Fairborn, Ohio for an AKC lure trial, the day started out a little muggy and then drizzled in the afternoon.  There was an entry of 40 Whippets, Woody was first in his flight for a 5 point major, Sassy was third in her flight, and Ribbon was fourth in her flight and Cali had very nice runs but did not place!  Skol and Fancy had their first practice running the whole course with enthusiasm.

3/30/07 - 4/8/07
What a busy week at the National in Kansas.  Ribbon placed 4th in her lure coursing flight after a 3 way run-off for 4th, Cali & Sassy ran very well too for the first time out this year.  Sassy earned a qualifying score in her Novice agility standard run!!  Cory placed first in his Veteran Sweeps class, and Fancy sat 5th in her futurity class. 

Today "Monkey" Wildaire Monkey Business, SC finished her ASFA Field Championship.  She is a Cory daughter, littermate to "Mandy" bred by Steve & Peggy Bea and owned by Tina & Rex Maxwell and breeders

Photo of Jake in his new digs in Georgia

Jake & his neighbor girlfriend, Lucy

"Skol", Wildwood's Only You is Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex (over a special), Best Puppy and Puppy Group 4 at the Detroit Kennel Club Show under Mrs. Rita Figg (David Hiltz puppy hound group) at his first show.

Check out our new Cory son, "Beacon"

Cali is new CH. Vic's Wildwood Callista, JC.  She was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the AWC Supported Medina Kennel Club show in Cleveland, Ohio for a 4 point major under judge Mr. James Reynolds

Ribbon is now new CH. Wildwood's Ribbon In The Sky, JC going WB at the Grand Rapids Kennel Club show under Col. Joe B. Purkhiser

Ribbon is Best of Breed at the Greater Muskegon Kennel Club show under Mr. Kenneth Miller

Reba (girl 2) has gone to her new home in Ann Arbor, MI she is pictured here with her new mom Caren.

Woody is second again in Open at the MGA lure trial at Lake Erie Metro Park finishing his ASFA Championship!!
Morgan (littermate to Woody and Ribbon) wins the singles stake at the MGA trial his first time running a full course. 

Woody is second in Open at the MGA trial at the regional lure trial hosted by MGA.

Ribbon is Winners Bitch at the Monroe Kennel Club show under David Gleaves

Our boy #2, Ajaax has found his new home with Pat and Gene (long time Whippet owners) of Westland, MI and he has another older Whippet playmate, Micky.

Our girl #3, Zoe, is at home with her new family Carrie & Shaun (first time Whippet owners) of Kalamazoo, MI

Today, "Julie,"  UKC Ch. Vic's Wynmor Julia JC CR (DC Wildwood's Epirit De Core CD SC NAJ FCh  X Ch Vic's Ciara Femme Fatale)  finished her ASFA FCh with a second placement in a field of 17 at OKIGO field trial in Ohio.  She is owed by Carola Beranek.

 Julie (Cory's daughter, Cali's littermate) was first in open at the OKIGO Lure trial in Ohio for 40 points she now has 98 points toward her ASFA field Chamionship.....go Julie!

Ribbon is WB and BOW for a major win under judge Jay Hyman at the Jaxon Kennel Club show in Marshall, MI

Sassy is WB for a major under judge Susan Carr at the Sturgis Kennel Club show in Marshall, MI

New Champion Darjeeling's Violet, sired by Cory, bred and owned by Jane Cooney-Waterhouse

Cali delivers 6 puppies 3 males, 3 females.

Andauer Bentley Arnage - "Arnie" is WD for a major to finish his Championship under Mrs. Judy Webb at the Sioux Valley Kennel Club show in Vermillion, SD

Woody ties for 2nd and finishes 3rd in Open at the MGA coursing trial in Metamora, MI. 
I was told he had another Whippet run into him.
For Photos Click Here

5/26/06 - 5/29/06
Kalamazoo, MI shows Ribbon won the strong Bred By class all four days and was RWB under Virginia Lyne and Mr. Everett Dean Jr.
Cali placed in the large open class 3 of the 4 days

Woody won Open agian today at the MGA lure trial, Lake Erie Metropark, Ribbon stayed home to rest.

A drizzly overcast day for coursing with MGA, Lake Erie Metropark.  Ribbon tied for third and was fourth after the run off in Open.  Woody won Open and went on to Best of Breed over top competition.  This was the first ASFA trial for both running in Open.

Check out Upcoming Litters!

4/23/06 - 4/30/06
Drove to Danvers, MA for the AWC National, through Canada and stopping at Niagra Falls (the Falls were beautiful).  Ribbon was fourth in her futurity class and made the cut in the bred-by class.  Woody made cuts, Cory was 2nd in Veteran Sweeps and 2nd in the regular Veteran class.  I visited New Bedford, Essex, and Gloucester (wonderful, small towns), ate lobster, walked the dogs on the rocky shore and just thoroughly enjoyed the countryside with friends.

We went coursing in Dayton, Ohio, Cali was second in open for 30 pts, her littermate, Julie, was 3rd and Sassy was fourth!  Ribbon and Woody were certified to run ASFA at the end of the day.  It was a cold, damp, miserable day weather wise but it sure didn't hamper the dogs desire.

Arnie is WD/BOW under Mary Lou Benjamin at St. Joseph Missouri KC for a 4 pt. major.

Arnie is WD under Robert Forsyth at Abilene Texas KC

Cali (Vic's Wildwood Callista JC) went Winner's Bitch for a major win at the AWC Supported Medina Kennel Club show in Cleveland, OH under Breeder judge, Sharon Sakson.

10/29/05 and 10/30/05
It was a beautiful weekend for coursing in mid-Ohio, Cali completed her JC at the AKC trial on Saturday.  Ribbon and Woody ran both days to earn their JC, they ran fantastic!  I let Cory run after the trial and he was as fast and enthusiastic as ever...his reward for having to hang out all weekend.

Beautiful day for coursing at Lake Erie Metro MGA trial here in Michigan.  Ribbon and Woody ran singles with Woody finishing in first place and Ribbon in second.  Sassy ran open and finished fourth.  Cali is still nursing her puncture wound from last week.   Morgan and his owner Jennifer came for the afternoon and to practice. Morgan was so happy to see all the dogs and really showed no interest in the event- that is until we set him up in front of the lure and at tally ho he took off after the lure like an old pro, what fun to watch that innate desire!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Ribbon, Woody, Arnie,Tiger, Morgan, and Guinness!!!

We had a day of ASFA coursing in Utica, Ohio; weather was cool and drizzly.  Cory's daughter Julie was 2nd (her second trial), Sassy was 3rd (her first trial running in open), and Cali tied for 4th (she did not run off due to injured front foot; appears at this point to be the result of a foreign body in it) from the Open class.  Sassy finished her AKC JC test after the trial.  Ribbon ran the full course in practice and was amazing, great cornering too!! 

Ribbon is WB & BOW at St Clair Kennel Club, Goodells, MI under judge Mr. Terry Stacy.

Ribbon is WB, BOW, BOB, Best Puppy at the Greater Muskogen Kennel Club show in Hudsonville, MI; judge was Mr. Reginald Nesbitt she went on to Group 3 under judge Mrs. Francine Schwartz, Puppy Group 1, and Best Puppy In Show!

Ribbon is WB, BOW, BOB from the bred-by class for a major win, Ann Arbor Kennel Club, Monroe, MI
Judge: Michael Canalizo.  She also made the cut in group under Everett Dean.

Beautiful day at the MGA Lure Trial in Metamora, MI.  Cali placed third in open (her second trial, not too shabby for a girl who thinks she's in whelp).  Sassy ran singles placing second and was certified at the end of the day, now she can really participate!  It was Woody's (Countach) second practice and wow, he was bullet fast!  Ribbon saw the lure in practice for the first time and said "Really mom, I can go?  By myself?  I can go, now?" and was gone.  See photos here

"Arnie", RWD to a 5 pt major, Electric City Kennel Club, Great Falls, MT
Judge: Houston Clark

"Arnie", WD, BOS, Eagle Rock Kennel Club, Blackfoot, ID
Judge: Desmond Murphy

Arnie, WD, BOS, Eagle Rock Kennel Club, Blackfoot ID
Judge: Joseph Gregory

"Ribbon" is Reserve WB, Genesee Kennel Club

"Ribbon" is WB & BOS, Genesee Kennel Club

"Arnie" is WD/BW/BOS at Emporia (Kansas) Kennel Club Show

"Sassy" is Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite at Progressive Dog Club Show.

"Ribbon" goes Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite at her first show, Progressive Dog Club.
"Arnie" is Reserve Winners Dog - Grove, Oklahoma

3/25/05 - 4/4/05
Traveled to Mesa, Arizona for the Whippet National, had a wonderful time!  Enjoyed the warm weather; seeing friends; the Grand Canyon & Sedona unbelievable.  Sassy & Cali sat 6th & 7th in the Open Class and Cory was 2nd in his Veteran Sweeps and he was also presented with his Champion Award of Versatility Excellence at the Banquet.

Morgan is pictured here with his new owner, Jennifer of Birmingham, Michigan.  Their meeting appeared to me to be love at first sight!

Bach, now "Tiger" (Puppy Boy #2) is pictured with two of his new family members, Pam and her daughter Kelly of West Bloomfield, MI.

Puppy Boy #3, Wildwood's Aston Martin - "Aston" moved into his new home in Austin, TX with his new owners Daniel & Rachel and Italian Greyhound "Vega"

Puppy Boy #4, Wildwood's Bentley Arnage - "Arnie" has gone to Karen Gibson, Andauer (co-breeder) in Oklahoma to grow up;
he'll enjoy being out in the warmer temperatures this winter!

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