Wildwood Whippets began in 1995 when I decided to breed my second Whippet, Hanna, to Ch. Starline's Reign On JC ROMX, "Reign".  We currently have five adult Whippets gracing our beds, lounging in front of the  fireplace, and on watch for critters in their yard.  I cannot imagine my life without whippets, the journey to this point has brought me so much fulfillment, many good friends and great times whether at shows or field events!


My love for showing animals began early, as a young girl I was fortunate enough to have helped raise, train and exhibit our Arabian horses in halter, english, and western classes.  I even dabbled in dressage and jumping.  Horses encompassed all my time outside of school.  As for dogs we always had a house companion, a miniature poodle or poodle mix.


After I met and married my husband the horses became a part-time recreational activity and then we purchased our first family dog a Golden Retriever, Raffiann, which I trained and showed in obedience.  Enter children, two sons, and life centered around them and their interests, baseball, soccer, swimming (certainly not horses or dogs). It was during this stage of my life that I had my first encounter with Whippets when my sister (Kathy Francen) came over with her new dog…I was amazed that she was attracted to this non-coated skinny breed!!!


Our Raffiann was part of our lives for 16 years, she was a treasure and I was sure I would never have another; it’s just too painful to lose them! About a year after our loss my sister asked me if I would like to go with her to see puppies sired by her Whippet, Ch. Flippet’s Azra’s Sir Olaf CD.  I did and that day I came home with my very first Whippet, Simply a Sandtrap, aka Trapper.  Oh, my how perceptions can change!!!  Even as a very young pup, what a little gentleman, he amazed all my friends with his perfect behavior…and they still speak the same of him today.  Trapper went to work with me everyday and I did show him in the breed ring a couple of times and pointed him but obedience was more our thing.


I had had Trapper about a year when his breeder (Linda Mandelbaum) experienced some major life changes and decided to move to Florida, preferring not to take Trapper’s mom along.  That is when Hanna entered our lives, an opportunity for which I am forever thankful.  She stole our hearts completely.  Hanna had never been shown until she came to us, but she quickly finished her Canadian Championship and very easily earned her ASFA Championship.  Completely smitten with whippets, their versatility, and companionship I took the next step, breeding Hanna, one of the best decisions I ever made!


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